CARSURIN Oil & Gas Services (COGS) offers a comprehensive range of technical inspection and certification services to support the safety and efficiency of oil & gas operations, and to verify compliance with Indonesian national statutory regulations, including MIGAS, DEPNAKER and EBTKE.

With our experienced network of certified inspectors, we are uniquely placed to provide independent technical services covering two primary areas of intervention, being Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services (QAQC), and Inspection & Certification Services (I&C). These services are offered by COGS for both upstream and downstream operations.

Our QAQC services provide qualified personnel to review engineering and quality documentation; issue and/or review non-conformity reports and provide technical solutions to non-conformities; evaluate quality during fabrication / installation / construction phases of oil & gas projects; review and verify inspection test plans (ITP) and project installation & quality procedures; verify physical progress of project activities; and verify compliance with local regulatory requirements, international codes & standards and testing activities.

Our I&C division has been audited, qualified, awarded the highest rating possible and is formally licensed by the Directorate General for Oil & Gas of the Government of Indonesia as a “Perusahaan Inspeksi (PI)” to carry out technical inspection & certification for every category of equipment utilised on land-based exploration, production and refining facilities throughout the archipelago. We assess the integrity of equipment to ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose, test equipment for defects, and certify our results based on national governmental requirements in accordance with accepted industry standards

Our drone services can efficiently and safely provide asset life cycle management, facility condition monitoring and pipeline integrity.

Whatever your role in the upstream or downstream supply chain, our more than 50 years of experience can help you improve productivity, assess quality and most importantly, reduce risk.


Migas & Non-Migas






• Engineering Services
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services
• Residual Life Assessment (RLA)
• Welder Qualification
• Welding Procedure Specification Design


• Cementing Unit Inspection & Certification
• Crane and Lifting Gear (Mobile, Overhead, Pedestal, Forklift)
• Electrical Equipment Inspection & Certification (Generator, Motor Control Center, Switchgear, Transformer)
• Fire & Safety Equipment Function Test
• Heat Exchangers
• Load Testing
• LPG Vessels (SILO)
• Metering System Inspection & Certification (Liquid Ultrasonic)
• Metering System Inspection & Certification (Gas Ultrasonic)
• Metering System Inspection & Certification (Liquid Turbine Orifice + Prover)
• Non-destructive Testing Magnetic Particle
• Non-destructive Testing Penetrant
• Non-destructive Testing Ultrasonic
• Pipeline Integrity
• Piping Inspection & Certification
• Pressure Safety Valves (Relief, Safety, Breather)
• Pressure Vessels
• Production Facility Inspection & Certification
• Rig Offshore & Onshore Assessment & Certification
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
• Rotating Machinery Inspection & Certification
• Spherical Tank Audit & Calibration
• Spherical Tank Inspection
• Storage Tank Audit & Calibration
• Storage Tank Inspection Above & Underground
• Technical Testing
• Visual Inspection
• Welding Inspection
• Wire Rope Testing
• Witnessing Emission Test


• 2D, 3D Point Cloud
• Orthomosaic Image
• Digital Surface Model (DSM)
• Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
• 3D Mesh
• Asset Digitization and Classification
• Asset Life Cycle Management
• Facilities Condition Monitoring
• Remote Site Monitoring
• Pipeline Integrity
• Inventory Management
• Vehicle Encroachment Detection
• Land Surveying